What is Return to Player?

Many players at NetEnt online casinos see the RTP (Return to Player) percentage displayed by video slot games without really understanding what the term means. See http://www.topnetentcasinos.net to find out where in Canada to play NetEnt online video slot games with the highest RTP percentage.

What is RTP practically?

RTP is the percentage describing the casino game's potential payout to the player. Let us take a practical example: If you place one hundred $1 bets on a video slot with a RTP percentage of 96, then you could expect to receive $96 back over time. See mongold1 .

  • NetEnt casinos always display game RTPs
  • Always play the games with the highest RTPs

The first thing to remember when choosing NetEnt games to play is that it's better to play the slots with the highest RTP percentage as they will payout more in the long term. Also remember that this is only a theoretical percentage. No gambling outcome can be guaranteed.

Theoretical vs Actual RTP

It is important to note that there is a difference between theoretical and actual RTP. The general reference to any RTP on an online gambling site is to theoretical RTP. This is defined as the average payout over lots of game rounds divided by the actual bet amount.

When you actually start playing an online slot, there is also the term of 'actual RTP' to contend with. This is defined as the total session wins divided by the session's total bets placed. For short play sessions, the actual and theoretical values can substantially vary.


Does NetEnt display RTPs?

Some game providers are not very transparent with RTPs. All NetEnt slot games that they provide to their online casinos will display the RTP percentage. Click on the question ark at the left bottom side of the slot game and see the RTP displayed.

NetEnt have been delivering online games for over 20 years and each game has a specific RTP percentage. There are too many slot games to discuss in this article so to see all NetEnt slots with their RTP displayed, head on over to https://games.netent.com/video-slots/ to see a list.

  • Consider theoretical vs actual RTP
  • All NetEnt games display RTP
  • Find the best RTP percentage game for you

Can casinos change the RTP?

NetEnt casinos do not own the casino games they offer to players. The NetEnt games are rented under a contract and the game code is stored on NetEnt's servers in a central location. The casino staff will not have access to change any game's settings.

NetEnt casino games are also licensed and released with a certain RTP percentage. Should an audit reveal that this RTP has been changed post release, then the casino can lose its operating license and be declared a rogue casino and even be forced to close it's doors.

  • NetEnt games are hosted centrally
  • NetEnt games are licensed at certain RTP

To summarise RTP

RTP is how much the player can expect to make back from a slot game over his many play sessions on that game. NetEnt is very transparent in their dealings win the iGaming industry and make sure to display each online video slot's return to player (RTP) percentage.

There is a distinction between actual and theoretical RTP. It is a big myth that the RTP of a game can be changed by the casino operator to suit the occasion. NetEnt games are licensed and the player is guaranteed performance according to the specified RTP percentage.